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There are many options open to you when planning headstone inscriptions and designs. You may wish to include some personalised words or a piece of poetry on an upright headstone, or add a family member’s name to a flat or bevel monument. Alternatively, if you prefer to commemorate your loved one using imagery, we can engrave pictures or create sculptures instead. There are many variations and materials that can be chosen to create the perfect look and feel. Commonly, we work with black, white and grey marble or granite, which can all be carved, hand-cut, or sandblasted in situ in order to achieve the desired results. This can then be further enhanced using masonry paints, or even hand gilding using gold leaf, for a polished and high-quality finish. Contact us today to find out more.

Gold Leaf Gilding Headstone Inscriptions

We offer traditional gilding work, using genuine gold leaf, to enhance engravings and add an elegant flourish. Putting over two decades of finely-honed stonemasonry skills to work, these delicate gold flakes will be hand-applied to your engraving with meticulous care and attention.

Personal Etchings

From sketches to tattoos, using personalised etchings to represent your loved one, is a touching way to remember them. Since 1961, we have been skilfully transferring images into stone, in the form of sculptures and engravings, using a range of traditional and modern techniques. Some theme ideas for etchings (subject to copyright*) include:

Types of Headstones

There are many types of headstones available for cremation memorials as well as marking burial sites. Determining the right style and material is likely to depend on your budget, your personal preferences, the wishes of the deceased, and the size of the plot. We provide both marble and granite headstones, all fully personalisable, with just some of the styles available including:

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